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ozone333 Electronic music

Owen Liebich's picture

ozone333 Electronic music was founded by Owen Liebich of OL

He created ozone333 electronic music in an effort to showcase his musical talent as an electronic musician.

Owen was a DJ in the Boston nightclub scene for many years then moved to California to further his DJ career and subsequently became an electronic musician in the process.

Owen has enjoyed both the technical and creative sides of the industry as a Nightclub DJ, Union Sound Electrician & Data / Telecommunications Technician for both the motion picture and construction industries, Sound Teacher for Columbia College Hollywood [a Film School in Tarzana California],  Trade / Tech Instructor for The Sage Group [AT&T ~ Verizon technical studies training school], and an Electronic Musician.

ozone333 music can be heard today playing in the popular MTV television shows; The Real World, Road Rules, Inferno, Extreme Challenge, The Gauntlet and many more.

MySpace [the popular social networking website] is where ozone333 music got its start. A few months after MySpace was online, a friend of Owen's urged him to put some of his music on an artist page there. A month or two after creating the account, Owen was approached by a music scout for MTV's television shows and a contract was created allowing MTV to license ten albums of ozone333 music.

Nightclubs, Bars, Dance Clubs, Fitness videos, Motivational seminar DVD's, Presentations, In-Store Music delivery systems, Extreme sports video's and Student films, license ozone333 music.

ozone333 is original electronic music combined with the mixing style of a Nightclub DJ. All ozone333 music is copyrighted with the U.S. Library of Congress and registered with the performance rights organization Broadcast Music Inc. [BMI]

ozone333 electronic music is provided free of upfront licensing costs to non-profit organizations and students in exchange for credit. Standard royalty rates still apply.

If you would like to use ozone333 electronic music in your upcoming project, please contact us at ozone333 @ or give us a call at: [661] 886 - 3663.

~P.S.. a bit about the toads... The ozone333 logo is a picture of the endangered species of toad known as the "Arroyo Toad" found in the wetlands of southern California. The picture you see is a photograph of two toads taken by Owen at his home in the Lake Hughes, CA area with a digital camera then used as a logo for the music and web site.

Download my 3 track DEMO FREE!

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